There are several requirements you must meet to be eligible for reinstatement as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Alberta. Before you begin an application for registration, please review the following (4) questions to help you determine if you are ready to apply. By completing the Self-Assessment Tool you will have a better understanding of the CLPNA’s registration requirements and reduce the possibility of the assessment of your application being delayed or denied.

The title LPN is protected by law and cannot be used by an individual in Alberta unless he/she is authorized to do so by the CLPNA. You must be registered with the CLPNA if you will be doing any of the following:

  • Apply nursing knowledge, skills, and judgment to assess patient’s needs,
  • Provide nursing care for patients and families,
    • teach, manage, and conduct research in the science, techniques and practice of nursing, and
  • Provide restricted activities authorized by the Regulation.